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Headquartered in El Dorado County CA our company specializes in getting athletes ready to compete at the next level.  As former Division I college athletes and former Division I college coaches, we (Sarah Glynn and Laura Meagher) are the co-founders of NEXT LEVEL coaching + consulting.  We offer two main services to help prepare high school athletes for sports at the collegiate level.  Our recruit consulting service is for athletes in all sports and aimed at helping athletes and parents navigate the college athletics recruitment  process.  Our private coaching services in golf and track & field are available to all ages and ability levels.  Whether you are looking to improve at the junior level in preparation for college or you are a college athlete seeking improvement in specific areas,  we have the knowledge to help you achieve your goals.  

Sarah holds a spot in the CAL Athletics Hall of Fame with a decorated golf career as an NCAA Individual National Champion, NCAA All American, PAC-12 All Conference player and three years as a professional golfer on the Symetra and LPGA tours.  Laura still holds the javelin record at the University of Notre Dame, was an NCAA Mid-East Region qualifier, and she was the 2004 Big East Conference Individual Champion in the pole vault.  With successful college athletic careers and over 14 years of combined coaching experience at the NCAA Division I level, we have a unique perspective that helps inform our approach and ensures that our clients get exceptional private coaching and recruit guidance. Click on Sarah or Laura to see full resume. 

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.
— Naeem Callaway
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Our Services


College recruit consulting

As former Division I college coaches, we have recruited and conversed with hundreds of athletes like yourself and we understand the anxiety that often accompanies the recruiting process.  Up until now, you were probably asking yourself questions like...When should I call a coach? How do I get a coach's attention?  What if I just want to walk-on?  When should I ask about athletic scholarship?  Not only will we answer these questions, but we will also give you direction on the steps that should be taken at each point in the recruiting process.

Given our background, we can help you better understand the process, the rules, and what drives coaches to make decisions on prospective athletes.  We we will meet with you in person, walk you through an individualized plan, answer questions, and provide important tips.  It is our mission to give you peace of mind by providing clarity on the recruiting process and alleviating any confusion you might have along the way.  We will make the process more efficient for you and your parents, and ultimately increase the likelihood that you will be able to attend the top school of your choice. Check out our Recruit Consulting page for more details on packages we offer.  

Private Coaching - Golf 

Sarah Glynn has a decorated college career, professional golf experience, and 9 years of Division I college coaching experience at the University of San Francisco and UC Davis.  She can help elevate your game from every angle in areas such as short game fundamentals, course management, practice planning, tournament prep, tournament scheduling, and much more.  Her knowledge will help prepare you for success in your college athletic career and beyond.  For more about her qualifications, click here.  

Private coaching - Track (COMING SOON!)

Laura Meagher has a versatile background in coaching track & field.  She pole vaulted and threw javelin at the Division I level in college, and went on to coach sprints, horizontal jumps, and javelin for the University of San Francisco for 5 years.   For more about her qualifications and areas of expertise, click here.  




"You don’t know what you don’t know!” 
"After having spent many months trying to work through the recruiting process on our own, our daughter’s swing coach recommended Sarah Glynn. From the first meeting she was very clear in helping us set the right expectations and approach to a college golf goal. She is incredibly well connected and knowledgable about the college golf world. Her greatest value for us was establishing and managing direct communications between our daughter and the coaches - all the while providing very candid feedback and advice along the way. She had right credibility to describe our daughter’s capabilities and convince many coaches to come to the course to watch her play. Opportunities and choices greatly expanded with many colleges where we would be proud to see her go to. Ultimately, through Sarah’s connection, our daughter was matched with great coaches and a college where she will be proud to play golf and pursue a valuable academic career. The entire recruiting process was very well thought out, managed and successful. From our experience, we recommend players take advantage of great experience and advice to maximize choices and opportunities - it worked for our daughter. "
-Dave Christeson (Livermore, CA)


"Sarah’s insight on both ends of recruitment (as a student, then a coach) have helped us tremendously in understanding and maneuvering through this complicated process.   She also helped my child to understand what does it take to be a college golfer and answered all the questions that we had with clarity.  She also provides coaching that includes, college level drills and course management, which has helped my child’s game tremendously.  We are so blessed to Sarah back in my child’s life."

-Kelly W. (Roseville, CA)


"Laura has worked for several years with my son and daughter, both of whom are All American javelin athletes. I can't speak highly enough about her focus on what is in the best long term interests of my kids, combining both athletics and academics. She brings unique experience as a former D1 college athlete and coach. Laura’s emphasis on injury prevention meant a lot to both myself and the kids, as they had both suffered injuries in the past through over training.  She also brings deep insights into the complicated college recruiting process, which helped us discern fact from fiction. I highly recommend Laura and Next Level for any track athlete looking to improve their performance, and if there is an opportunity to compete at the college level, I would also highly recommend Laura for help in navigating the college recruiting maze."

-Paul Z. (Mill Valley, CA)


"We hired Sarah as a coach and recruiter for our daughter.  Sarah has a unique way of connecting with not only the player but the parents as well. Sarah knows what type of golfer she has in front of her, she has an exceptional way of tying in the mental and technical details of the game to help shave strokes and turn them into a simple but very effective process to bring an athlete to the next level of their game. Sarah is very deliberate and organized with her lesson plans to execute “purposeful “practice. We highly recommend NEXT LEVEL.  As a family with numerous questions about the recruiting process, NEXT LEVEL has made us feel much more confident with the process and has done a great job educating, communicating and learning about our high school athlete."

- Christine E. (Lincoln, CA)


"Sarah is a very enthusiastic and diligent coach. My children have learned not only about the game of golf from her but also the proper work ethic and more effective practice habits. My oldest daughter was late in the college recruiting process. However, with the help of Sarah, she has received many opportunities and many doors have opened for her. As a mom, I am really happy that my daughter has confidence in her ability to play college golf. Sarah has prepared them for collegiate level golf mentally and physically."

- Silvia J. (Granite Bay, CA)






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Our recruit consultation services are for all parents and student athletes going through the recruiting process.  By investing in our package you will receive an individualized recruiting timeline, a step-by-step plan tailored to your priorities, and in-person meetings with a former Division I college coach.  For further details or questions, please contact us.


Our Recruit Consulting Package will provide all the information and guidance you need to help find the right fit for you.

The Package includes:

•       2 Hour Introductory In-Person Meeting

•       NEXT LEVEL Recruit Handbook (a go to guide for the entire process from start to finish)

•       Access to our Client Portal which includes the NEXT LEVEL College Search Tool

•       Review of your resume and assistance with your communication to coaches

•       Unlimited email/phone guidance with your recruit consultant throughout your entire recruiting process

ADDitional services

We realize that it might be hard to know how much guidance you'll need until you start the process; so we offer an hourly meeting rate.

•       In-Person Meeting - $100/hour

recruit CONSULTING Service details

- The NEXT LEVEL Recruit Handbook is individualized for each client.  It is for review and use by our Next Level clients only.  The information and pages within the handbook shall not be copied or redistributed. 

- We are committed to answering all phone calls and returning all emails within 24 hours.

- Our recruit consulting service is intended to clarify and provide guidance through the college recruiting process.  We do NOT guarantee athletic scholarship.  

First and foremost, I look for athletes who are passionate about what they are doing and the pursuit of winning. NCAA Division 1 athletics cannot be something that you just do. To be successful, it needs to be a way of life.
— Scott Winsor (Head Coach - Fresno State Track & Field/Cross Country)





Private Golf Coaching

Contact Sarah Glynn for more information


Coming soon...

Private Track & Field Coaching by Laura Meagher


We know decisions concerning your athletic career are very important and we are happy to explain in more detail what we have to offer and our pricing structure so you can determine if NEXT LEVEL is the right fit for you.  Please contact us to learn more or book a service.